Child Proof Outlets

Young children are curious about elements around their home, including electrical outlets. Because of this, they might try to insert items into the outlets, putting themselves at risk. You can protect your children by installing childproof outlets in your home. Call Mr. Air AC & Electrical for services in Pompano Beach, FL. We guarantee satisfaction with every call!

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What Are Childproof Outlets?

When childproofing your house, you might purchase inserts for your outlets to prevent kids from inserting objects into them. However, there is an easier solution - install childproof outlets. These prevent kids from inserting objects into them, helping children avoid electrocution, shock, and other injuries - or even death. Let the professionals help you keep your children safe. Call Mr. Air AC & Electrical to have childproof outlets installed in your home to prevent your kids from injuring themselves.

Benefits of Installing Childproof Outlets

While the biggest benefit of installing childproof outlets in your house is keeping your children safe, there are also many other advantages, including:

  • Make you more aware: Having child-proof outlets installed in your house will make you more aware of the outlets and help prevent you from keeping an appliance plugged in or cords exposed to children.
  • Keep kids from plugging in items: While you might be worried about your children placing toys, jewelry, or other items into the outlets, they might also try to plug in actual appliances. This can put them in danger if they plug in a device that could be dangerous to them.
  • Protect pets: Your pets can also be curious about your outlets and can harm themselves. Childproof devices can protect them as well.

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Childproof Devices To Avoid Installing in Your Home

When childproofing your house, it’s important to know that not all devices offer the same level of protection. You should avoid using devices that require you to screw plugs in place. You might not realize it, but these devices can put your house at risk for a fire.

You should also avoid using plastic plugs that get inserted into your outlets. While these are meant to prevent kids from putting their toys and other objects in the outlet, they can also be choking hazards to young children.

Instead, call Mr. Air AC & Electrical to have our professionals install childproof outlets.