Electric Vehicle Charging Station Services in Pompano Beach, FL

Are you wasting time trying to find a charging station for your electric vehicle? Skip the wait and charge at home when you install a charging station. Call us for services in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

While there are many advantages to owning an electric vehicle, it can be troublesome to find places to charge it. You can make the process easier by installing a charging station at your house. Call Mr. Air AC & Electrical to schedule installation services in Pompano Beach, FL. We use the latest technology to ensure we complete the job successfully.

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Benefits of Having an EV Charging Station Installed at Your Home

How much time do you waste driving around trying to find an EV charging station, or waiting in line for your turn? You can avoid this by installing a charging station at your house.

Some of the advantages of having a charging station at your house can include:

  • Access to a fast and safe charging station.
  • Have a charging station available to you any time of day.
  • A cheap solution to power your vehicle. Charging your EV at home can cost just pennies a day!

How To Charge Electric Vehicles at Home

Before professionals arrive at your house to install an EV charging station, you first need to determine if you want to use Level 1 electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) or Level 2 EVSE.

  • Level 1 EVSE: This can be easier to install as it does not require any special equipment - just an outlet to plug into and a dedicated branch circuit. Level 1 EVSE is ideal for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and EVs. This method adds 2 to 5 miles of range to the vehicle for every hour of charging time.
  • Level 2 EVSE: This option requires a heavier installation than a Level 1 EVSE, but it can provide 10 to 60 miles of range for each hour of charging time. A Level 2 EVSE charges through a 240 V AC plug and needs a dedicated electrical circuit of 20 to 100 amps. When a technician completes the installation he or she will ensure all local requirements and permits are met.

If you have questions about which option is best for your home, call Mr. Air AC & Electrical.

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Save Money by Charging Electric Vehicles at Home

While you are already saving money on fuel by purchasing an electric vehicle, you can experience even more cost savings by charging your vehicle at home. According to Energy.gov, drivers do more than 80 percent of their charging at home because of their convenience and cost-effectiveness. When you charge your EV at home you can take advantage of low residential electricity rates instead of paying for charging fees and enduring long wait times at a public charging station.

Easily charge your electric vehicle by installing a charging station at your home. Call Mr. Air AC & Electrical at 954-838-5558 for installations in Broward and Palm Beach counties. We offer straightforward pricing.