Smoke Detector Services in Pompano Beach, FL

Protect your family by ensuring you have functioning smoke detectors. Call us for installations and replacements in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

When a fire occurs at your house, your best line of defense is a smoke detector. These devices can alert your family to the fire so you can leave the property and get to safety. Make sure your units are up to the task of protecting your family by having our experts at Mr. Air AC & Electrical install or replace your units. We provide same-day services to Pompano Beach, FL.

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How To Make Sure Your Smoke Detectors Work Properly

It’s essential to have functioning smoke detectors in your house to protect your family. To ensure your devices are keeping your household and building safe, follow these tips:

  • Test each monitor at least once a month.
  • Make sure you have the right amount of devices installed in your property.
  • Place a monitor outside each bedroom in your house.
  • Install a device on each floor of the building or home.
  • Install monitors that are connected, so if one alarm sounds they all do to ensure they can be heard throughout the property.
  • Install units with strobe lights in buildings to alert anyone with hearing issues to the fire.
  • Hire an electrician to correctly install the alarms and check on their functionality.

Signs You Need New Smoke Detectors

Is it time to replace your old smoke detectors? If you have the same devices in your house you’ve had for more than 10 years, then the answer is yes. Some signs that can indicate you need to install new units are:

  • Replace your property’s smoke detectors at least every 10 years, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). If your devices are older, or you’re not sure when they were installed, hire an electrician to inspect the units and replace them if needed.
  • False alarms. If your devices start to give off false alarms it can signal an issue with a sensor. Have an electrician inspect the units to determine if they should be replaced.

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How To Test Your Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors can only protect your family if they work properly. You can test your devices by following these tips:

  • First, make sure everyone in the household is aware of the test.
  • Then, position someone in the household at a point farthest away from the smoke detector. This will help determine if the alarm can be heard throughout the entire house, or if more devices need to be installed.
  • Finally, press the test button on the device and listen for the high-pitched alarm. While you are up by the alarm, it can be a good time to replace the batteries if they have not been changed within 6 months.

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