Electrician in Parkland, FL

Do you need a new generator installed, or a smoke detector inspected? Call us for appointments Parkland. We also service Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Does your wiring need to be repaired, or do your outlets need to be replaced? When you need electrical services at your Parkland, FL home, call Mr. Air AC & Electrical. We offer 24-hour services to ensure your family and your house are safe. We guarantee satisfaction with every job, and we always arrive on time.

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We offer complete electrical services to the Parkland area, including:

  • Electrical Outlet Repair & Replacements
  • Electrical Panel Repair and Replacements
  • Wiring Repair & Replacement
  • Whole House Generator Services
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Ceiling Fans & Chandeliers
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Smoke Detector Services

Common Electrical Panel Issues

You rely on your electrical panel to function properly to ensure your appliances, light fixtures, and other electronics work correctly. Unfortunately, from time to time your unit might experience issues that require repairs. Some problems can include:

  • Overcrowding: If you don’t have enough amps in the electrical panel it can result in a crowded unit with double-tapped breakers with multiple wires connected to the same breaker.
  • Not enough capacity: If you experience power surges and flickering lights in your home you may need a larger panel.
  • Corrosion: If you notice any signs of rust, water damage, or corrosion, call a professional to inspect the damage.

Common Issues With GFCI Outlets

While it’s essential to install GFCI outlets near water sources in your home, you might occasionally experience problems with these devices. Some common issues you might encounter include:

  • Wiring problems: Bad or deteriorating wiring can cause the outlet to trip.
  • Overloaded circuits: These outlets can trip if there are too many devices plugged into them.
  • Faulty outlets: If the GFCI outlet is more than 10 years old it can start to show signs of aging and should be inspected by a professional to determine if it needs to be replaced.

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Advantages of Installing a Generator

Are you tired of losing power for an undetermined amount of time when a major storm hits? You could benefit from installing a generator in your home. These systems provide the following advantages to your house:

  • Increased safety: These emit fewer fumes than portable generators, making them safer to install in your house.
  • Better functionality: These systems can provide power for hours without pausing or shutting down. They can also be set up to keep certain appliances running during a blackout, such as your refrigerator, air conditioner, or heater.
  • Start automatically: These units start up within a few minutes of the power going out.
  • Peace of mind: These systems can give you peace of mind that your family is safe during a power outage.

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