Create Comfort at Home This Winter With a Central Humidifier

What Are the Benefits of Using a Humidifier During the Cold, Dry Season?

Anyone who’s ever had to live through months of cold, dry temperatures knows that wintertime is particularly brutal, not just because of the cold but also because of the extreme drop in humidity. Low humidity levels mean there isn’t enough moisture in the air, which causes a host of problems, even in the relative safety of the home. Dry air can cause dry eyes, sore throats, dry nasal passages, dry skin, and lips, and worsened respiratory problems. None of these things are worth enduring, especially since they can be avoided simply by using a whole-home humidifier. This blog will discuss the benefits of installing a central humidifier

Breathe Easy Indoors

homeIt’s not always easy to strike the perfect balance of humidity in the air. In the summer, with high humidity, homes can feel stuffy, and condensation can collect in the walls. In winter, when the opposite is true, the cold air becomes very dry, irritating sinuses and throats. The best way to create a comfortable atmosphere at home in the winter is to keep humidity between 30% to 50%, and this can be achieved using a whole-home humidifier. 

Whole-home humidifiers can help homeowners breathe easily by improving indoor air quality, preventing nose and eye irritation, and easing the symptoms of the cold and flu. A humidifier, especially one that can create the perfect humidity level in every room in the house, will help restore and maintain respiratory health.

Prevent Dry, Itchy Skin and Lips

It’s not only respiratory health that suffers when humidity is not at the optimum level at home. Skin and lips can become cracked, dry, and irritated because of the lack of moisture in the air. While some of these can be remedied using topical skincare products like moisturizing lotions and lip balms, these solutions are only temporary. 

If the root of the problem, dry indoor air, isn’t addressed, these irritations will die down for a bit with these temporary solutions, only to pop up again and again. A more lasting solution for dry, itchy skin and lips would be to control the moisture indoors with a central humidifier

Keep Indoor Plants Safe and Healthy

plantsWhile it’s easy to see how dry air can negatively affect residents who live in the home, other living things may also suffer because of low humidity. Plant lovers and homeowners who take care of indoor plants know that humidity is vital for house plants to create food and oxygen and that low levels of moisture in the air can adversely affect the health of indoor plants. 

Keeping plants healthy indoors is important because house plants are shown to have many benefits, including reducing stress levels and improving indoor air quality. It may seem like a minor consideration, but creating a healthy atmosphere for all, not just the human beings who inhabit the space but all living things, is ideal and will create a healthy and balanced climate at home, no matter the season. 

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