How to Practice Electrical Safety This Month

Common Electrical Safety Tips and Tricks for Homeowners 

Homeowners experiencing an electrical problem should leave it to the professionals because a lot can go wrong when trying to DIY electrical solutions. When solving an electrical issue, there is a lot to consider, including the proper wattage, safety equipment, and the warning signs of a problem.

It is easier for homeowners to prevent common problems like an overloaded outlet than to fix a larger wiring issue down the line. Use these tips to make any home safer this electrical safety month.

Stop Overloading Outlets

outletThere is not enough importance on learning how electricity works in a home. Not all homeowners understand surge protectors are necessary if they use more than one plugin an outlet. Not all outlets can contain the same amount of surge or wattage.

It is dangerous to overload an outlet. When an outlet is overloaded, there is too much wattage in the outlet, causing it to short and overheat. Appliances can also short and stop working if outlets are overloaded.

Although a non-working appliance can be frustrating, it's not the worst danger. When using too many outlets and appliances at once, outlets can overheat and cause electrical fires. This is more common when people are not home. Experts recommend using multiple outlets in a home instead of simply one and unplugging appliances when they are not in use.

Check For and Use Proper Wattage

wattagesNot all appliances and the plugs they come with are the same! It is important to learn what wattages are and the recommended wattages for an outlet and appliance. If the appliance holds a wattage higher than the outlet, this can cause the outlet to overload, short, and overheat.

A watt is simply a measure or a rate used to calculate how much energy is needed to power appliances such as lamps and light fixtures. If the correct wattage is not used with the right lamps and light fixtures, this can cause an increase in electric bills and the fixture to overheat. 

Stay Clear From DIY Solutions

Before trying to fix the problem, it is best to call an electrician. Electricity can be deadly and is not something to play with. Even a simple solution like an outlet repair can cause damage to a home or homeowner. Professional electricians train for just about any electrical problem, and many are happy to explain the recommended wattage to interested homeowners.

Electrical hazards are serious and should be avoided. Electricians have tools and uniforms that can protect them from these hazards. Instead of DIY solutions, homeowners should focus on staying safe with electrical safety tips like unplugging appliances and staying clear of open wires.

The tools that electricians use are also very expensive! It is not worth it to purchase the tools as they are expensive, and if homeowners do not know what they are doing, it can worsen the situation, causing a blackout.

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Black History Month HVAC Facts

Get To Know the Black Inventors That Revolutionized Modern Heating and Cooling

Without these three spectacular African American inventors, homeowners would not have the innovations they love! It is essential to read and understand their stories, especially as the country celebrates black history month.

HVAC is an industry constantly changing and adapting to new techniques and tools. While this is true, most HVAC companies use the same essential heating and cooling systems ideas learned from black inventors in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Three names that changed the HVAC industry are David Crosthwait, Alice Parker, and Lewis Latimer.

David Crosthwait and His Boiler System

David Crosthwait and his boiler system should win an award for its groundbreaking and help! Nearly a century after its creation, the boiler system is used in homes and businesses. It is an affordable and long-lasting (up to ten years) system that provides warmth with water.

Homeowners should also know that he created temperature regulation devices similar to the thermostat controls used today in homes. It was the first of its kind and helped regulate hot and cool air quickly and efficiently. Vacuum pumps are another invention that shifted the industry to what it is today.

Alice Parker

Alice Parker and Her Safe Gas Furnace

Alice Parker was a black woman inventor who knew that there was a problem she wanted to fix. This brilliant mind had a lot stacked against her but did not let it get to her. Women during this time did not have the same freedoms or rights as men, but they pushed on and made their path.

An invention she created that changed the HVAC industry forever was the gas furnace with ductwork. This was significant because it was the first safe furnace that was also affordable! Now, warmth during the cool months was something everyone could afford.

It was also a lot safer. Instead of using extremely flammable substances and materials like wood and coal, which could easily spread to the rest of the house, the fuel was gas. The duct creates a barrier and allows the warm air to pass through and out of the home without causing a fire, a big concern.

Lewis Latimer and His Top 3 Inventions

Lewis LatimerLewis Latimer is a household name for HVAC technicians as he created an indoor air quality system that uses condensation and air already in the home to purify the air. This was great for households with allergies and illnesses.

However, this was not the only remarkable invention he created. He also had a strong hand in inventions like the telephone and lightbulb. Although he did not invent them alone, he made grand changes so that they could be more useful.

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