Transform Any Backyard into a Special Summer Oasis

Make the Backyard Guest-Ready 

Summertime is for family gatherings, get-togethers with friends, cookouts and backyard BBQs, neighborhood celebrations, and pool parties.  Even watching fireworks from the comfort of a backyard can be special. With that in mind, homeowners who anticipate their backyard being a social hangout spot this summer should consider upgrading their backyard and transforming it into an oasis where guests will want to spend their free time. 

Light it Up 

The first upgrade homeowners should consider for their backyard is adding sufficient outdoor lighting sources. There are several different lighting types to choose from, and each can set a specific atmosphere and dynamic. For example, string lights wrapped around trees and above an outdoor dining table can create a fantasy-inspired or romantic atmosphere for friends, family, or couples to gather. 

Another type of lighting option for the yard is landscape lighting. This type of lighting can come in an assortment of types, from pathway lights and garden lights to solar-powered lights placed throughout the yard. This lighting can highlight specific parts of the yard, such as a homeowner’s garden or trees. 

For even more atmospheric relaxation, homeowners can add a fire pit to the backyard. Not only will this produce some natural nighttime lighting, but it will also be perfect for homeowners who want to roast marshmallows or hotdogs over an open fire. 

Purchase a Generator 

generatorGenerators can be a great addition to any home. Whole house generators can even increase the property value of a home. Installing a generator will help in instances where a power outage occurs. They allow for the continued use of electricity and hot water, so any summer gatherings or quiet nights at home won’t have to face interruption.

Thunderstorms are a threat during the spring and summer, and winter storms can be dangerous during the colder months. These natural events can lead to power outages that last for days and sometimes even weeks. Without a generator, homeowners risk their food spoiling because the refrigerator won’t have power. Even worse, those who rely on electricity for medical equipment are often left without their required medical necessities during a power outage. 

With a generator, especially a whole-house generator, homeowners can protect their food and their loved ones and continue to use everyday appliances and hot water while a power outage is underway. 

Invest in a Pool or Hot Tub

poolAnother great way to add property value to a home is to invest in a pool or hot tub. Not only do these items just add value to a home, but they also allow homeowners and their guests to have years of fun right at home and make new memories.

However, any pools and hot tubs must be installed by a qualified professional electrician who can ensure that they are wired safely and are up to current electrical codes and regulations. Homeowners who add a pool or hot tub to their property can have a relaxing oasis in their own backyard. 

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