Know the Signs That Point to AC Replacement

Three Signs That an AC System May Need Replacing 

Summer is here, and with the warm weather comes the inevitable reliance on air conditioning. But what if the AC isn't working as well as it should? Don't suffer through another sweltering season worried about the air conditioner breaking down – it may be time for a new unit. A few telltale signs can indicate the AC is on its way out, including poor airflow, odd noises and smells, and high energy bills. 

If homeowners have noticed any of these issues, it's time to get it inspected by an HVAC contractor and consider options for a new AC. Don't wait until the heat waves hit – take action now to ensure the home stays cool and comfortable all summer.

Strange Noises and Smells 

smellA well-functioning AC system shouldn’t emit unusual smells or noises. If it does, that’s an indication that something is wrong. Here’s what to know: 

  • An exhaust fume or chemical smell could indicate a refrigerant leak and needs immediate attention. 
  • A burning smell from the AC system could indicate a burnt-out blower fan, an electrical issue, or overheating. All of these things also require prompt attention from a professional. 
  • Except for an ambient hum, an AC shouldn’t make any noise. If one hears rattling, banging, or hissing, this could point to a loose component, air leak, or another issue that needs addressing. 

Higher-Than-Normal Energy Bills 

billThe Energy Information Administration (EIA) notes that the average Florida homeowner spends around $130 on their monthly energy bill. This number can be even higher when an AC system doesn’t work as it should. The reason why an air conditioner that needs replacing may jack up a home’s utility bills includes the following: 

  • If the AC cannot get the home to the desired temperature because of an issue, it will work overtime and use more energy to try and reach the correct temperature. 
  • A malfunctioning AC might short-cycle, meaning it turns on and off quickly. This on-and-off cycle can affect home comfort and increase cooling costs. 
  • Poor energy efficiency and high energy bills could also result from an old AC that needs to be replaced due to age and wear and tear.  

Poor Airflow 

When it comes to staying cool during the summer months, there's nothing worse than having an AC system that's not working correctly. One of the biggest warning signs that it's time for a replacement is weak airflow. If homeowners notice little to no air coming out of their vents, or if the air that does come out isn't cooled, they may need to consider investing in a new system. 

While trying to troubleshoot the issue may be tempting, seeking professional help to determine the best course of action is vital. A replacement may seem like a significant investment. However, it can save homeowners time and money in the long run by ensuring their home stays comfortable and energy-efficient without issue.

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