Put an End to Electrical Scares This Halloween

Catching and Preventing Electrical Problems 

Halloween is a holiday with a large demand for holiday lighting and decorations. Between now and the end of the year, multiple holidays are celebrated by decking out the home with themed decor. However, Halloween can be spooky for a whole new set of reasons. Electrical problems are often exposed as people plug in decorations and holiday lights at the beginning of the season.

Electrical issues may leave homeowners stumped about how to respond when they find problems. Luckily, learning a few tips about holiday decorating and catching electrical issues can help protect the home from electrical problems. Here are a few tips to help households avoid major electrical problems this year. 

Use Care With Electrical Holiday Decorations 

The first step in avoiding electrical problems when hanging holiday decorations and lights is to inspect the decorations as they are pulled out of storage. The truth is that most of the damage they incur happens while they are packed up in the off-season. Lighting strands and electronics get crammed into boxes and stuffed in attics and closets. This can cause damage to the wiring that can cause headaches the next year during decorating. 

People should always inspect for damage before decorations go up and are used, and pack them away carefully with next year in mind. Decorations should not be used if any damaged wiring or other issues are found. In addition to inspecting holiday lighting and electrical decorations, some planning should be used when hanging them. Never use nails or staples to fasten electrical wires to surfaces, as these can damage the wiring and create hazards. 

Don’t Overload Outlets 

outletAn electrical problem that can occur during the holidays is overloaded outlets and circuits since the home is using more power for decor and lights. Households should be mindful of how many things are pulling power from a single circuit instead of plugging anything and everything into the nearest outlets in an attempt to get the decorating done. 

Instead of plugging everything into one single source, take the time to plan ahead. Spreading out different decorations on different outlets and separate circuits is the best way to avoid tripped breakers and electrical problems caused by overloaded circuits and outlets. 

Beware of Signs That Indicate Electrical Problems 

electrical repairMany homeowners become more aware of their electrical system while decorating with lights and electric decorations than at any other time of the year. This makes it a great opportunity to look for the signs that electrical repairs may be necessary before putting the finishing touches on a holiday display. Having an electrician quickly repair electrical problems will help the home and its residents stay safe during the holidays. 

Some of the signs for people to be aware of are: 

  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Breakers that are constantly tripping or fuses that are frequently blowing
  • Burning smells
  • Soot or burn marks around outlet faceplates
  • Electrical outlets that are warm to the touch
  • Buzzing sound

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