How To Beat Seasonal Allergies This Spring

3 Ways To Breathe Easier This Spring

As allergy season approaches, there are many things a homeowner can do to decrease the chances of allergic reactions inside a home. Who doesn’t want to breathe easier and feel better during these few months in the year when pollen, dust, and dirt wreak havoc?

Thankfully, homeowners can make many changes, including regular spring cleaning, which reduces the chances of allergens finding their way into a home. Improving air quality during allergy season includes cleaning, AC maintenance, and small changes like opening windows for air circulation.

Open the Windows for Better Airflowwindow

Spring cleaning is right around the corner, so homeowners should prepare with a few expert tips and tricks to maximize indoor air quality. One thing to consider is opening the windows

A mosquito screen can be used for homeowners afraid of pollen and other allergens entering the home. Sometimes, old stale air can be hard to breathe in, making a place feel stuffy. If necessary, open a window to increase indoor air quality. This brings in new air and a breeze while letting the old, stale air out.

Frequent Air Filter Replacement

It is easy to forget about air filters since they are usually out of sight and mind, but air filters are necessary for an HVAC system to work properly and for clean air. When an air filter is filthy and covered in dust, this dust goes back into the air, circulating and breaking apart more, causing allergic reactions.

Instead of waiting for a severe allergic reaction to seasonal allergies, homeowners should regularly replace their air filters at least once every two to three months. For homes with pets that have a lot of fur or dandruff, the number of times an air filter needs to be replaced should be increased to once a month.

Cleaning Dust From the Home

One of the most common allergens is dust. Dust moves around in the air and tickles the noses and throats of many homeowners during allergy season. Another way to fight seasonal allergies is frequent cleaning. While not all seasonal allergies are severe, dust still causes discomfort and sneezing.

It is impossible to properly follow air quality tips if homeowners are not actively cleaning and dusting their homes. Hard to reach spots like ceiling fans accumulate a lot of dust in just a few weeks. Some cleaning tips for air quality include regular dusting, opening windows, and frequent vacuuming. This is very important for homeowners with pets that release dander and fur throughout the home.

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