Improve Electrical Safety in 2023

Three Ways to Improve the Electrical System in the New Year 

Homeowners want to ensure their home is as up-to-date and safe as possible — starting with the electrical system. Taking some time to review how electricity is used in a home can help provide peace of mind for the future, reducing potential hazards and making it easier for appliances and devices powered by electricity to function more efficiently. Read on for three ways homeowners can improve their electrical systems in the new year. 

Don’t Overload Circuits overload

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) notes that overloaded circuits are a leading cause of electrical fires. There were nearly 45,000 electrical home fires in the U.S. alone, causing almost $1.5 billion in property damage costs. 

Homeowners shouldn't use extension cords to plug in major appliances and should ensure that only one heat-producing device is plugged into an outlet at a time to avoid overloading a circuit. Homeowners should also avoid excessively using extension cords and power strips. By being mindful of what they plug in and where homeowners can avoid the consequences of an overloaded outlet. Signs of an overloaded circuit include: 

  • Flickering lights
  • Burning smell 
  • A mild shock when unplugging something 
  • Blown fuses 

Schedule Electrical Inspections 

On the surface, a homeowner might think: “The electrical system’s fine! Everything works when I plug it in.” However, there are many small signs a homeowner could overlook pointing to a serious electrical issue. By having a professional examine the system regularly, homeowners can avoid the headaches that come with significant (and expensive) electrical problems. 

When conducting an electrical system inspection, a professional can: 

  • Insulate any exposed wires 
  • Replace any old fuses 
  • Make sure the outlets give the correct voltage 
  • Inspect outlets and wiring for damage
  • Suggest any measures that prevent fires 
  • Test circuit breakers 
  • Suggest measures to prevent outages 

Replace Old Outlets and Wiring outlet

During inspections, if outlets or wiring are found to be damaged, they should be replaced by an electrician immediately to prevent a fire hazard. The ESFI notes that every home, even new ones, could benefit from new outlets and wiring. Outlets and wires do more than transit electricity from point A to point B. They also: 

  • Prevent shocks and other injuries: Most (if not all) outlets come with a failsafe that prevents homeowners from suffering nasty burns and shocks. That way, a homeowner can plug and unplug items without fearing for their safety. 
  • Minimize the generation of heat: When electricity comes into contact with other items, temperatures can quickly get too high. As noted, this can cause burns and other life-threatening conditions. 
  • Keep electronic devices from getting destroyed: When an electronic device gets too much electricity, it can “fry” the battery, making the item unusable. This sometimes happens during lightning storms; a power surge can overtake a device and destroy its insides. 
  • Prevent electrical fires: Many outlets come with sensors that prevent electrical fires. Some older outlets don’t have this feature, increasing the risk of preventable accidents. 

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